Who We Are


We are a group of parents with childern at Toronto Primary school who are there to be a representative voice to both the school and the local authority. We also carry out fundraising which is used to benefit all children attending the school.

On our website, you will find details of any upcoming fundraising events, Parent Council meetings and burning issues.

The Parent Council meets on the last Monday of each month at 1:30pm, and is open to all parents/guardians, with children at the school.  If this time is not suitable and you have something you would like to raise an issue/concern or just make a suggestion, then please contact us on torontoparentcouncil@googlemail.com.


Would you like to see the school tie reinstated as part of the school uniform?

Yes (22)

No (1)

Not bothered either way (0)

Total votes: 23


Date of the next meeting

30/01/2012 20:25
The next ordinary meeting of the Parent Council will be held on Monday...

Parent Council Minutes

30/01/2012 20:21
The minutes from the Parent Council meeting held on Monday 28th November...

Fundraising Update

29/11/2011 20:24
The recent fundraising events organised by the Parent Council have...

Parent Council Minutes

28/11/2011 09:00
In order for all parents to have access to the discussions at the...

Website launched

04/11/2011 09:00
Welcome to the Toronto Parent Council's new website.  We will...